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Essay Writing and Letter Writing Assignment Help | Essay Writing and Letter Writing Homework Help

Essay Writing Homework Assignment help

An Essay is usually a short piece of defined as a piece of literary writing on a topic, which is often written from an author's personal point of view. It brings out the meaning of topic clearly, duly elaborating it point-by point in logical sequence. There is finally a summing up of the main idea of the essay or any other conclusion. An Essay contains number of elements including literary criticism, political manifestos, learned arguments, daily observations, recollections, and reflections of the author.

There many types of essays which include Descriptive essays, Narrative essays, Exemplification essays, Compare and contrast essays, Cause and effect essays, Classification and division essays, Definition essays, Dialectic essays etc.

Essays plays a major role in our formal education curriculum. Essay writing is taught at various levels starting from the secondary school level which helps to improve writing skills, communication skills and gain knowledge. Essay has also been used as a tool or medium for selecting applicants in recruitment process and for higher studies. Essay is a form of medium where a student is judged on various factors like knowledge, comprehension, problem solving ability, point of view, writing skills etc. Universities worldwide conduct mid term exams and end term exams that often requires students to write down short essays in two hours. Even competitive exams include essay writing as one of its medium of short listing of candidates.


Letter Writing Homework Assignment Help

Letters play greatly important role in keeping us connected with our near and dears or with business associates in our everyday lives. A letter can add such a personal touch to our communication that we can’t add through telephonic conversation.

Letter writing is an art. An elegantly written letter is always a pleasure to read. A letter should use simple and straightforward language, for clarity and precision. The features of a good letter should include use of short sentences, use of language or terminology familiar to the intended recipient. It should not include technical terms and acronyms that the reader is not able to understand. We should make our letter come alive. Address the letter directly to the reader. Visualize the reader ahead of you and imagine yourself talking to him. When the final content of letter is settled, make sure that you run it through a spelling and grammar checker. A letter with spelling mistakes makes it look sloppy and unprofessional.


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