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Tutor Help desk is one of the most preferred online tutoring company catering to thousands of students worldwide including US, UK, Canada, India, Australia etc. The organization is more students oriented and is inclined towards imparting knowledge and spreading wisdom. We have been constantly focusing on new avenues of providing online education in terms of technology, process flow, customer service and convenience.

We have our panel of experts who are guiding us to improve the level of service as per the changing scenario. We have been taking feedback from students regularly to provide a word class educational environment.

We provide one-stop solutions to all tutoring and assignment services. Our portfolio of services include live online tutoring, email based assignment help, email based homework help, help in projects and thesis, assessment help and test preparation help. Our support staff is working closely with our subject experts to incorporate vital study materials into our website so that a student can get instant information at any time.

Our panel of tutors and experts are very highly experienced with a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience and industry experience. We follow a multilevel process for the selection of our tutors to cater to the diverse needs of students worldwide. We evaluate them on the basis of variety of factors like subject knowledge, communication, presentation etc. We believe on tutoring students on a one on one basis so that their level of intelligence can be judged and a proper study plan can be worked out for good results.

Our process of providing services is very simple. Just log on to our website www.tutorhelpdesk.com and click on “submit your homework” or " schedule your session” and submit your study needs to us. Our support team will respond you immediately to take care of your requirements. We work 24X7 to provide you the best service and quality education.

What makes Tutor Help desk the most preferred online tutoring and homework help service is the 24X7 availability of tutors, low and affordable service charge. Our goal is to provide quality education for the betterment of the society. 

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We are heading towards building an educational platform of knowledge and information. Apart from our core services we are focusing on providing students with knowledge and good content on various topics, subjects and academic resources.

A student can go through the contents provided on our website to gather knowledge about any subject or topic which will help him/her to clear concepts and understand the fundamentals. This is a consistent approach to provide a platform of information and knowledge. It is our mission to help students who are financially weak. We endeavour to make students capable of acquiring the knowledge which is sometimes difficult to get due to the unavailability of resources.

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