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Operations Management

This is an area of management that deals with the production systems and the efficient management of the methods and techniques of production.  The first thought on having efficient production systems and processes was done Frederick Taylor the father of scientific management. Taylor did time and motion study to analyze the methods of deriving efficient production systems that led to time and motion saving and finally optimizing the costs of production.

In the present systems of production a number of researches have taken continuously to arrive at efficient production systems.  This has created many theories that govern the subject of operations management. Concepts like Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), Material Requirements Planning, Bills of Materials etc made the process of operations management scientific structured and accountable.  Lean manufacturing production systems gave the concept of operations management the required edge that made the more scientific. The production concept was launched in the manufacturing plant of Toyota the Japanese automobile giant. The principles of lean manufacturing were derived from Taiichi Ohno and Toyoda Sakichi’s  Just in Time and Autonomation.

Operations management is largely dependent on mathematical calculations like mathematical optimization and queue theory. Mathematical optimization is based on multivariate calculus computations.

Operations Management Assignment Help

Operations management refers to developing processes, methods and applications that can be applied to problems and bottlenecks in production or manufacturing process. Students often have to learn difficult concepts and analytical methods in solving complex operations management problems. The problems could be related to supply chains, labour issues, manufacturing bottlenecks, inventory management, facility location, procurement of raw materials and its optimum utilization etc. Students face great deal of difficulties in solving operation management questions which requires analytical thinking and right approach. Our operations management assignment help service is targeted to the student pursuing production and operations management courses. Students seeking help with operations management assignment can contact us to get in touch with our highly experienced operations management assignment tutors.

We provide operations management assignment help in various topics like manufacturing and service operations, operations strategy, product design, process selection, total quality management, quality control, capacity planning, facility location and layout, supply chain management, inventory management and operations research.

Operations Management Assignment Tutors

Our team of online operations management assignment tutors comprises of operations executives, university professors and engineers. We follow a systematic approach in solving operation problems with the additional use of latest tools, graphs and diagrams. We provide detailed and plagiarism free solution to your operation management assignment before the deadline. We solve all your queries related to the delivered solution without any extra cost.

If you are looking for help with operations management assignment then we are at your service. Our operations management assignment tutors work 24X7 to assist you with every topic, methods and concepts of operation management. We use softwares like excel to ease calculations and make the solution more organized. Apart from assignments we also help in preparing dissertations, online exams and research papers involving forecasting, simulation, modeling, decision analysis, operations research.

We offer operations management assignment help in following areas: 

  • What is Operations Management?
    Manufacturing and Service Operations
  • Operations Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Process Selection
  • Total Quality Management
    Cost of Quality
    Quality Systems
  • Statistical Quality Control
    Causes of Variation
    Control Charts
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Procurement
    Supply Chain Distribution
  • JIT and Lean Systems
    Eliminate Waste
    Continuous Improvement
    JIT Pull Systems
  • Capacity Planning
    Resources Planning
    Requirement Planning
    Theory of constraints
    Synchronous Manufacturing
  • Facility Location and Layout
    Facility Location
    Location Factors
    Layout Design
  • Work Systems Design
    Job Enlargement
    Job Enrichment
    Methods Analysis
    Motion Study
  • Project Management
    Network Analysis
  • Inventory Management
    Types of Inventory
    Inventory Decisions
    Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model
    Re-Order Point (ROP) Model
    ABC Inventory Classification System

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