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Fluid Mechanics

The fluid mechanics is the branch of engineering science, which deals with the behavior of fluids either in rest or in motion.

Fluid Statics:

•    The study of mechanics of fluids at absolute and relative rest is called as fluid statics. Shear stress is always zero in fluid statics.


•    The study of incompressible fluids under static conditions is called as fluid statics.
•    The study of incompressible gases under static conditions is called as Aerostatics.

Fluid Dynamics:

The study of mechanics of fluids in motion is called as fluid dynamics. Fluids sustain some shear forces. e.g. flow through pipes, channel etc.

Fluid Kinematics:

Fluid kinematics deals with translation, rotation and deformation of the fluid element without considering the force and energy causing such a motion.
•    It deals with the velocities, acceleration and the flow patterns only.
•    It does not consider force or energy that produces the velocity or acceleration in the fluid.

Fluid Kinetics:

Fluid kinetics deals with the relation between velocities and acceleration and the forces, which are extorted by or upon the moving fluids.


•    Hydraulic ahs been derived from Greek word ‘Hodour’ which means water.
•    Hydraulics is the branch of fluid machines, which deals with the behavior of water (incompressible fluids) either in motion or in rest.


Pneumatics is another branch of fluid mechanics, which deals with the behavior of compressible fluids either in motion or at rest.

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Fluid Mechanics Homework Topics:
Boundary Layer
Reynolds Stress
Prandtls Velocity Distribution
Fluid Mechanics
Applications Of Fluid Mechanics
Liquids And Gases
Ideal Fluid And Real Fluid
Ideal Fluid And Real Fluid
Expression for Capillary Rise
Fluid Properties
Coefficient Of Viscosity
Variation Of Viscosity With Temperature
Kinematics Viscosity
Newtons Law Of Viscosity
Classification Of Fluids
Non Newtonian Fluid
Vapour Pressure
Cohesion And Adhesion
Surface Tension
Intensity Of Pressure
Pascals Law
Hydrostatic Law
Pressure Head
Atmospheric Pressure
Mercury Barometer
Measurement Of Pressure
Simple Manometers
Differential Manometer
Bourdon Tube Gauge
Hydrostatic Forces
Inclined Plate Immersed In A Liquid
Hydrostatic Forces On Cured Surface
Pressure Diagram
D Alembert Principle
Fluid Mass Subjected To Horizontal Acceleration
Fluid Mass Subjected To Vertical Acceleration
Analytical Method For Metacentre Height
Stability Of Floating Body
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Homogeneity
Buckingham Pi theorem
Reynolds Number
Froudes Number
Webers Number
Eulers Number
Marchs Number
Model And Prototype
Advantage Of Model Testing
Applications Of The Model Testing
Model Laws Or Similarity Laws
Reynolds Model Law
Froudes Model Law
Eulers Model Law
Webers Model Law
Mach Model Law
Distorted Model
Fluid Kinematics
Lagrangian Method
Eulerian Method
Tangential And Normal Acceleration
Types Of Flow Lines
Stream Tube
Types Of Flows
Continuity Equation Based On Stream Tube Concept
Continuity Equation In Three Dimensions
Continuity Equation in a Polar Form
Stream Function
Moodys Diagram
Hot Wire Anemometer
Laser Doppler Anemometer
Velocity Potential Function
Relation Between Stream Function And Velocity Pote
Flow Net
Uses Of Flow Net
Limitation Of Flow Net
Fluid Dynamics
Reynolds Transport Theorem
Forces Acting On Fluid
Navier Stokes Equation
Eulers Equation of Motion
Bernoullis Equation Of Flow
Eddy Viscosity
Velocity of the Turbulent Flow
Bernoullis Theorem
Modified Bernoullis Equation
Pitot Tube
Pitot Static Tube
Flow Through Orifice
Free Jet Liquid
Vortex Motions
Equation Of Motion For Vortex Flow
Equation Of Force Vortex Flow
Equation Of Free Vortex Flow
Impulse Momentum Principle
Application Of The Momentum Equation
Force Exerted On Stationary Vanes
Force Exerted By Jet Inclined To Vane
Force Of Jet Impinging On A Hinged Plate
Hydrodynamically Smooth And Rough Boundaries
Force Exerted By Jet On Moving Vertical Plate
Moment Of Momentum Equation
Viscous Flow
Reynolds Experiment
Flow Of Viscous Fluid Through Circular Pipe
Ratio Of Maximum Velocity To Average Velocity
Couette flow
Ratio Maximum Velocity To Average Velocity
Stokes Law
Flow Through Porous Media
Turbulent Flow
Shear Stress In A Turbulent Flow
Laminar Boundary Layer
Turbulent Boundary Layer
Laminar Sub Layer
Boundary Layer Thickness
Displacement Thickness
Momentum Thickness
Energy Thickness
Boundary Layer Separation
Development Of Boundary Layer
Energy Losses Through Pipe
Darcy Weisbach Equation for Friction Loss
Coefficient Of Friction In Terms Of Shear Stress
Chezys Formula for Loss of Head due to Friction
Loss Of Energy Due To Sudden Expansion
Loss Of Energy Due To Sudden Contraction
Hydraulic Gradient Line
Pipe In Series
Hardy Cross Method
Power Transmitted Through Pipes
Branched Pipe
Transmission Of Pressure Waves In Pipes
Velocity Of Pressure Waves
Water Hammer
Surge Tank
Ideal Fluid Flow
Drag On A Sphere
Drag On A Cylinder
Magnus Effect
Karman Vortex Trail