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With its wide scope of many areas engineering can be very tough to handle. Students went into depression due to consistent pressure of daily academic tasks they have to perform. Whether its classroom discussions, homework and assignments, semester projects, presentations or lab practicals, devoting time to each of them becomes tedious. To help with this problem our engineering assignment help service can be the right alternative for you. We solve your engineering assignments through our experienced engineering online tutors. Scholars seeking help with engineering assignments can contact us anytime to get their assignment done.

We provide engineering online tutors who can work on your assignments in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering etc. We provide step by step solution with detailed explanation for each equation, term or diagram used. We work 24X7 in order to ensure that you can avail our services at any point of time. Apart from engineering assignment help we also assist students in their engineering online tests, exams and quizzes. We have highly experienced tutors who can handle time limited quizzes, exams, tests and online assignments in webassign, masteringengineering, masteringphysics tasks.

What is Engineering?

Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge and devices for optimizing the use of time and other resources. The definition of the term given by American Engineers Council for Professional Development says that it is the application of scientific principles to design structures, machines and manufacturing processes. The various engineering structures of the world that have existed since time immemorial, the various inventions that have made our like easier bear testimony to the fact that engineers have existed since the human civilization began.

The historical evidence says that the earliest civil engineer know was by the name of Imhotep.  He was credited with the conceptualization and the designing of the Pyramid of Djoser. The ancient Greeks developed machinery for the household use as well as artillery for warfare. These were the two evidences of architectural and civil engineers.  The electrical engineers date back to the experiments of Alessandro Volts in the 1800 century.  Then there were the inventions of Michel Faraday, George Ohm, James Maxwell and James Watt that contributed to the development of electrical engineering.  The Chemical engineering and mechanical engineering developed in the nineteenth century after the Industrial Revolution with the discovery of various manufacturing chemical compounds. We ate Tutorhelpdesk offer engineering assignment help for all grades and specialization.

Engineering Homework Help

We have elite panel of engineering homework help tutors who can solve any questions related to engineering. We use latest tools and calculating softwares to solve questions quickly and correctly. We have a expertise in handling online engineering exams, quizzes, tests, discussions, weekly homework assignments with a guarantee of top grades. 

Our team of engineering assignment help experts comprises of engineering graduates, post graduates in technology and research scholars. We have solved more than thousands of assignments in various fields of engineering. We follow a strategic approach in solving complex engineering problems in order to make it easy for a student to learn and understand. If you are looking for help with engineering assignments then tutorhelpdesk is the right choice throughout your course.

We offer engineering assignment help in following areas: 

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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Engineering Homework Topics:
Biot Savart Law
Nature Of Electricity
Potential Difference
Ohms Law
Experimental Verification Of Ohms Law
Laws Of Resistance
Resistivity And Conductivity
Classification Of Insulating Materials
Insulation Resistance Of Cable
Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance
Insulation Resistance At High Temperature
Electrical Resistance Materials
System Of Units
Si System
Features Of Si System
Mass And Weight
Thermal Units Of Energy
Units Of Work Power And Energy
Thermal Effect Of Electric Current
Joules Law Of Electric Heating
Series Circuits
Parallel Circuits
Current Distribution In Parallel Circuits
Series Parallel Circuits
Potential Divider
Wheatstone Bridge
Kirchhoffs First Law
Kirchhoffs Second Law
Maxwell Circulating Current Theorem
Superposition Theorem
Thevenins Theorem
Node Voltage Theorem
Nortons Theorem
Network Simplification
Delta Star Transformation
Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
Reciprocity Theorem
Primary Cells
Leclanche Cell
Dry Cell
Weston Standard Cell
Electromotive Force Of Battery
Types Of Electric Conductors
Faradys Laws Of Electrolysis
Applications Of Electrolysis
Storage Or Secondary Cells
Lead Acid Accumulators
Special Charges
Alkaline Batteries
Nickel Cadmium Accumulators
Coulombs Laws
Electrostatic Induction
Field Intensity
Electric Flux
Electronic Field Due To A Point Charge
Electronic Field Due To Point Charge
Electric Flux Density
Gauss Theorem
Coulombs Theorem
Potential At A Point
Equipotential Surface
Potential At A Charged Sphere
Potential In Electric Field
Field Due To A Long Straight Conductor
Movement Of A Free Electron In An Electric Field
Relative Permittivity
Energy Stored In A Capacitor
Capacitors In Series
Capacitors In Parallel
Capacitance Of Concentric Spherical Capacitor
Capacitance Of A Cylindrical Capacitor
Potential Gradient In The Cable
Artificial Magnets
Magnetic Materials
Kinds Of Magnetism
Magnetic Induction
Magnetic Field
Relative Permeability
Magnetic Field Strength
Magnetic Potential
Lines Of Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Moment
Magnetic Field Due To Circular Loop
Field Strength Due To A Solenoid
Analogy Between Electric And Magnetic Circuits
Determination Of Ampere Turns
Magnetic Leakage And Fringing
Composite Magnetic Circuits
Magnetic Parallel Circuits
Magnetization Curves
Magnetic Susceptibility
Units Of Dipole Moment
Lenzs Law
Induced Emf
Statically Induced Emf
Coefficient Of Self Induction
Mutually Induced Emf
Coefficient Of Mutual Induction
Coefficient Of Coupling
Magnetic Hysteresis
Energy In A Magnetic Cycle
Determination Of Hystersis Loss
Energy Of Magnetic Field
Decay of Current
Eddy Currents
Seebeck Effect
Laws Of Thermo Electricity
Equation Of Thermo Emf Curve
Peltier Effect
Thomson Effect
Thermo Electric Power
Electro Magnets
Equation For Sinusoidal Quantities
Generation Of Alternating Emf
Periodic Time And Frequency
General Rules For Wiring
Earthing And Its Importance
Sub Circuits
Importance Of Fuse In Electric Circuit
Methods Of Wiring
Peltier And Joules Heating Effects
Thomson Coefficient
Choice Of Wiring
Thermo Couples
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Economics
Computer Engineering