Chemistry Advanced Mole Calculation Problems?

Chemistry Advanced Mole Calculation Problems?

I'm super confused on these, can you please do them, but I don't just want the answer, as I have that already, I need to know the step by step way to do it. Please help... 

1) How many molecules of Oxygen can be made from 9.52g of Nickel(iii) Oxide? 

2) What mass of Carbon tetrahydride can be made from 2.66x10^25 molecules of carbon tetrahydride? 

3) What mass of nitric acid can be made from 1.23x10^24 oxygen atoms? 

4) What mass of oxygen gas can be made from a total of 5.84x10^24 oxygen atms? 

Again, what's most important to me is the STEP BY STEP process of how you do it (like if you are doing unit conversions and stuff). 

Thanks SO much!

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