Need help with Statistics!? Please urgent!!

Need help with Statistics!? Please urgent!!

I'm having difficulty understanding the application of cumulative frequency on discrete and continuous data values. 

Does the cumulative frequency (less than type) corresponding to a data value, include the frequency of that data value and the frequencies of the values less than it OR does it include the frequencies of values 'strictly less than' it? 

IMHO, In case of continuous data type, the value of the Upper Class Boundary (UCB) of a class is not included in that class (it is included in the next class), so the cumulative frequency corresponding to the UCB does not include the frequency of the UCB, it includes frequencies of values 'strictly less than' the UCB. 

In case of discrete data type, say for a simple frequency distribution, the cumulative frequency of the first data value is its absolute frequency i.e, in this case the cumulative frequency is not 'strictly less than', it is 'less than or equal to' type i.e it includes the frequency of the concerned value. 

So, my question is, is the definition of cumulative frequency different for different types of data values? Or, am I wrong somewhere? 

Please explain in detail, Thanks in advance!

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