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Hydrogen Ion Concentration

Aqueous solution of acids and bases are expressed in terms of H and OH ion concentration. The term pH was introduced by Sorensen in 1909 who defined it as the negative logarithm of H+ ions, therefore
pH = - log OH¯
Similarly pOH is expressed as –log OH¯.
Ion product of water at room temperature is 1 x 10-14,the pH of pure water is 7 because H+ = 10 x 10-7  and –log(1x10-7)=7. It follows that pH = pOH=14, that is why when pH is less than 7, solution is acidic and when pH is more than 7, the solution is basic.

We have seen that water ionizes according to the following equation:

     hydrogen lon Concentration

Thus the equilibrium constant for dissociation of water is given by

hydrogen lon Concentration2

As the concentration of water is very large compared to H+ , it may be taken constant. The ionic product of water Kw is defined as Kw = [H+][H¯].

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