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When a base is linked to a 5-carbon sugar (pentose) through a C-N bond (β-glycosidic bond) with the loss of a water molecule, the resulting compound is called a nucleoside. A base linked to a ribose sugar is called a riboside (adenine forms adenosine), and when the sugar is deoxyribose, it is called a deoxyriboside.

Adenosine and Deoxyriboside


Nucleotides are phosphate esters of nucleosides. The phosphoric acid is bound to the –CH2 OH group of the sugar molecule by an ester bond. The compound thus formed is called a monophosphate of the base.

uridine 5' and adenosine 5'

Nomenclature of nucleosides and nucleotides

nomenclature of nucleosides and nucleotides

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