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These are a heterogeneous group of compounds widely distributed in animal’s tissues, particularly in the cell membranes animal tissues, particularly in the cell membranes. Biological membranes have become increasingly important because their structure and function determine the behavior of a cell with its environment. Phospholipids, generally called phosphatides, contain a phosphate group attached to the OH group glycerol at the C3 position. Several types of phospholipids are known to be preset in the membranes and elsewhere.

Phosphatidic Acids. The basic component of phosphatidic acid is glycerol -3-phosphate which can be esterified with two moles of fatty acids to yield a phosphatidic acid molecule. This is the simplest type of phosphoglyceride, from which several other types are derived.

phosphatidic acid

        Phosphatidic acid molecules are amphoteric in nature and exist as diploarions.

Phosphatidyl Choline (lecithin)  is a common phosphatidic acid molecule containing an additional molecule of chorine attached to phosphoric acid.

structure of some phospholipids


Another derivative of phosphatidic acid is phosphatidylethanolamine which is generally known as cephalin . When choline is replaced by serine, the compound is called phosphatidylserine.

phosphatidylethanolamine and Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylinositol is a phospholipid containing inositol, a cyclic hexahydric alcohol in place of choline, ethanolamine or serine. This is most abundant in plants and nervous tissues and the fatty acids that are involved in its structure are palmitic and arachidonic acids.

phosphatidylinositol and Myo-inositol.

Being ubiquitous in distribution in animal and plant kingdoms, Phospholipids maintain the integrity and function of cell membranes by allowing active transport of substances and developing electrical charge during impulse propagation.


These phospholipids contain an enol ether linkage in the C-1 position of glycerophosphate. They contain only unsaturated fatty acids and the basic group is either ethanolamine or choline.

These are widely distributed in animal tissues.

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