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Properties of Proteins

Proteins largely contain carbon, hydrogen ,nitrogen and oxygen, but occasionally sulphur may also be found. Proteins are integral constituents of many structure in a living organism, such as hair, skin, nails horns, muscles blood and membrane etc. Some proteins function as enzymes to carry out biochemical reactions necessary for maintaining and building life. A few of them function as hormones that exert regulatory control over many body function. Besides, they also pay a role in immunological reactions and in transporting oxygen to the blood and muscles.

Generally proteins are colorless and, insoluble in water, alcohol and ether. They get easily denatured by heat or treatment with mineral acids. They can easily form salts with alkali,e.g., casein is calcium salt.Proteins can be hydrolyzed by enzymic treatment or by mineral acids, and the resultant products are the constituent amino acid residues.

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