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Reaction of Amino Acids

Some Uncommon Amino acids

Beside 20 amino acids that occur commonly in proteins, there are several other occurring either as free or bound to simple peptides. Many are found as products of intermediary metabolism in the form of intermediates. Some important amino acids that occur free as intermediates are L-ornithine, L-citrulline, β- alanine and γ - aminobutyrate.

 common amino acids


L ornithine and citrulline

L-ornithine and citrulline are formed during urea synthesis, β-alanine is derived form aspartic acid and  γ-aminobutyrate is found in the brain. There are two derivateives of serine, azaserine and cycloserine which are produced by streptomyces and behave as antibiotics.

azaserine and cycloserine

There are many more.

Beside the above mentioned amino acids, there are two more naturally occurring amino acids which are less common.  These are hydroxylproline and hydroxylysine found only in protein of connective tissue.

hydroxyproline and Hydroxylsin

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