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Tetrahydrofolic Acid

Tetrahydrofolic acid coenzymes participate in many metabolic reactions. Folic acid is the main component, which was first obtained from green leaves. It plays an essential role in cellular metabolism, especially in the production of red cells in the bone marrow. The folic acid consists of pteroil glutamic acid in which the pteridine ring is linked to p-aminobenzoic acid joined to glutamic acid residue. The structure is as follows

folic acid or pteroglutamic acid

Leucovorin is a folic acid derivative which is a growth factor for the bacterium Leuconostoc citrovorum. Tetrahydrofolic acid is responsible for the transfer of one carbon. Fragments at the oxidation level of formats, formaldehyde and methanol. At the level of oxidation concerning formate, the coenzyme exists in four forms: N-10-formyl FH4, N-5-formyl-FH4,N-5-formamino FH4  and N-5, N-10-methenyl FH4. These can be synthesized in various ways.Homocysteine +N-5-methionine is synthesized in the following  way:
methionine is synthesized

In mammals and some bacteria, cobalamin enzyme are also involved :

interoconversions of tetrahydrofolate coenzymes during the metablic processes

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