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Acid-Base Chemistry

The terms acid and base have become so common and routine and involve such a side variety of substances that they have come to be accepted as such without questioner much fuss on their definitions. Unfortunately, several definitions of acids and bases. Each definition corrects within its own framework and we should apply the one which is the most suited under the given circumstance.

Modern definitions of acids and bases started with the Arrhenius approach between 1880-1890. The new concept of ionization based on Arrhenius model was the first sophisticated view on acid-base behavior .According to Arrhenius an acid is a substance which gives hydrogen ions (H+) in aqueous solution and a base is a substance which gives hydroxyl ions ( OH - ) in aqueous solution. The process of neutralization of an acid by a base can be represented by the reaction
                                              H+ + OH+ <==>  H2O

Many aspects of acid-base behavior become under stable with the Arrhenius concept.

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