Application Of Distribution Law

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Application of Distribution Law

The distribution law ahs been applied to the study of problems of both theoretical and practical interest, a few of which are briefly discussed below:

In calculation the solubility of a solute in a solvent.

 When the two immiscible solvents are in contact with each other and the solute is added in such a large excess that saturated solutions are formed, the concentrations of the solutions at this stage will be equal to their solubility’s. Assuming that the distribution law is applicable for such concentrating, we will have

Where conc. C1 = S1 is the solubility of the slute in solvent1
and conc. C2 = S2 is the solubility of the solute in solvent 2.

Thus knowing the distribution coefficient K and the solubility of the solute in one of the solvents, that in the other can be calculated.

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