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Azimuthal Quantum Number

It refers to the subshell or sublevel to which an electron belongs and describes the motion of the electron. The magnitude of the angular momentum of an electron (angular velocity x moment of inertia) is related to  by the expression:
where =0,1,2,3,........,(n-1).

This means that the values of for the subshells of a shell are govermedby n. When n=1, there is only one subshell with the value . When n=2 there are two subshells with the values =0. 1. when n=3 there are three subshells that have values =0,1,2. Similarly, when n=4.. no. of subshells=4 with values = 0,1,2,3. For every value of . there is a separate notation to indicate subshell. For example.
Quantum No.   =0     1       2         3      4____ 5....
Subshell Notation =s    P       d         f       g____ h....

The first four notations :s,p,d and f are adjectives used earlier to identify spectral lines; sharp , principal, diffuse and fundamental but subsequent notations used for >3 proceed alphabetically : g,h.i.j. on.

Knowing the value of n and finding out , we designate a subshell. For example, subshell for n=1,=0 is called is subshell and others are given in the form of  a table
n________________   _________________Subshell notation
2________________ {0_____________________2s
  _______________   1______________________2p
3 ______________   {0_____________________  3s
  ________________  1_____________________  3p
  ________________  2 _____________________ 3d
4________________ {0_____________________ 4s
  _________________ 1_-____________________4p
  _________________ 2-____________________ 4d
  ________________   3___-------_----------------------- 4f

For atoms other than hydrogen, the energies of subshells within a given shell increases slightly with increasing. For example, for n = 3, has values 0,1 and 2 with subshell notation 3s, 3p and 3d, repeetively. For H atom , the subshell energies are equal.
But for other atoms, the energy increases with increasing , that is :

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