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Concept Of Resonance

The concept of resonance is introduced as a result of the development of valence bond treatment of bonding in molecules. i.e., in terms of resonance of ionic and covalent terms. In terms of electron dot representation this may be expressed as:

 The double pointing arrows between there structures, indicate that they are in resonance with one another. However, it is not to be interred that H2 exhibits all of these here strokes, or can it be said that hydrogen exists for a certain formation of that in one form and of another fraction of time in some other form. The molecule has a single street which cannot be described interims of electron dot diagram on the paper. The difficulty lies in the description and not in the molecule. The real structure is a resonance hybrid of these three structures. A resonance hybrid ./can be equated to a mule which exhibits the characteristics of both the donkey and the horse, but at no moment it is either of these. One should use this type of example with ease and the contributing sources should not be considered as parents of the resonance hybrid. we must appreciate that a mule is a mule and does not resonate back and for the between being a horse and a donkey. The resonance hybrid is more stable than any one of the contributing structures. This extra stability of ht resonance hybrid as compared with the most stable f the resonating structures are known as resonance energy. It is the greatest when all the resonating structures are of the same energy. it may be summed up as

Resonance energy = Actual bond energy – Energy of pure covalent bond

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