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Metallic Hydrides

They are also known as metal like hydrides or interstitial hydrides. Their compositions may not correspond to simple whole number ratio and, therefore, they are also known as non-stotchlometric by drides. Some typical examples of metallic hydrides are:

                                        ScH2 , LaH2 , SmH2 , ThH2 , UH3 , VH , NbH2, CrH, NiH, etc.

Some nonstoichiometric ratio have been observed in the ranges :

                                       TiH1.0-2.0 , ZrH1.5-2.0 , Hf 1.7-2.0

or compositions like :

                                       PdH0.6 , FeTih1.95 , Feo.8 , Nio.2 , TiH0.6 , VH0.05 , NbH0.11 , etc.

All the above said examples indicate that none of the hydrides belong to the well known stable oxidation states of the transition metal concerned.

Preparation of Metallic Hydrides

Metallic hydrides are generally prepared by the direct combination of the metal with hydrogen. This is also sometimes stated as by dissolving hydrogen in metals at different temperatures. For examples, tantalum dissolves hydrogen at room temperature to form a nonstoichiomertric hydride.

                                          Ta + o.11H  →   TaH0.22

Magnetic susceptibility of palladium falls in contact with H2 and the sample becomes diamagnetic at composition PdH0.6

                                          Pd + 0.3H2   →   PdH0.6

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