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Phosphorus acid, phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, phrchloric acid are members of an important class of compounds called oxo-acicds.Oxo-acids contain one or more OH groups attached to an electronegative atom, X. They have the general formula XOm(OH)n, where m = 0,1,2,....and n =1,2,3.... For example, H2SO4 may be written as SO2(OH)2, m = 2and phosphoric acid,H3PO4 can be written as PO(OH)3, where m = 1 and n = 3, nitric acid, HNO3 or NO2(OH), where m = 2 and n = 1.

Compounds of elements of groups 1 and 2 containing OH groups are ionic hydroxides, Na+OH-Mg2+(OH - )2 and are therefore strong bases.

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