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The peroxides contain O22- (isoelectronic to F2)
(i)    Li2O2 is prepared by the reaction of LiOH. H2O with H2O2 and dehydration of the subsequent hyperperoxide by gentle heating under reduced pressure

LiOH.H2O + H2O2  →  LiOOH.H2O + H2O
        2LiOOH.H2O    →   Li2O2 + H2O2 + H2O

(ii)    Na2O2 is prepared by oxidizing Na to Na2O in a limited supply of air and then allowing it to react with more O2 to give a pale-yellow powder of Na2O2

2Na + 1 O  →  Na2O    →     Na2O2
        2                                         (pale-yellow)

(iii)    The heavier alkali metal peroxides cannot be prepared by the above method because of their further oxidation to superoxides, MO2. They are best prepared by the quantitative oxidation of the metals in liquid NH3.

       e-am               e-am
O2     →        O2-     →   O22-

Sodium peroxide (NaO2) finds use in industry as a bleaching agent for fabrics, paper, pulp, wood etc. It is also used as a powerful oxidizing agent. Its reactions with CO and CO2 give Na2 CO3.

  Na2O2 + CO   →    Na2CO3
Na2O2 + CO2   →    Na2CO3 + 1  O2
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