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Principal or Quantum Number

It raised form the solution of the radial part of and identifies the shell or level to which the electron belongs. These shells are regions in space indicating the “most probable” position of the electron format he nucleus. The quantum number n is restricted to have any positive integral values form 1 to infinity. The larger the value of n, the farther is the shell format he uncles.

Theoretically there is no limit to the number of shells or levels but seventh shell (n=7) is the highest shell occupied by the know elements.

Principal quantum nuclear helps to determine the average distance of the electron form the uncles. A s n increases, the average distance of electron form nucleus increase.

The wave mechanical model recognizes that the energy values of the electron are quantized as postulated by Bohr. It further states that the three quantum number n alone does not give complete energy but designates the main energy level to which an electron belongs. The lowest energy state of an atom corresponds to n=1 and the energy increases with increasing value of n.

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