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Attributes of A Good Test

The following are attributes of a good test:

1.    A good test has a high probability of finding an error. To achieve this goal, the tester must understand the software and attempts to develop a mental picture of how software might fail.

2.    A good test is not redundant. Toasting time and resources are limited. There is no point in conducting a test that has the same purpose as another test. Every test should have a different purpose.

3.    A good test should be best of breed in a group of tests that have a similar intent, time and resources limitations may mitigate towards the execution of only a subset of these tests. in such cases, the test has the highest likelihood of uncovering as a whole class of errors should be used.

4.    A good test should be neither too simple nor too complex. Although it sometimes possible to combine a series of tests into one test case, the possible side effects associated with this approach may mask errors. In general each test should be executed separately.

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