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Capabilities Offered by DSS

DSS have server feature to offer in the general MIS environment of an organization. Specially, they are:

1.    Support Decision-Making in Un-structured Situations: In which exactly owing to the lack of structure, problems do no lend themselves to full computerization and yet do required computer assistance for access to and processing of voluminous amounts of data.

2.    Help to Rapidly Obtain Quantitative Result Need to Reach Decision: Management can construct a DSS model must faster than they can do modeling with other MIS components, and the model can be flexible to deployed with data as need during the decision making process.

3.    Operate in the Ad Hoc (as needed): Mode to suit the current need of the user as opposed to operating in a generally schedule fashion, as management reporting system do.

4.    Support easy modification of Model: DSS can increase the organization’s responsiveness to the changing environment both within and outside of organization.

5.    Support Various Stage of the Decision Making Process: DSS can help to find a problem. The creative generation of alternative solutions is expected of the human decision maker. The principal strong point of DSS is their support for the considerations of alternatives (“what-if”) and for the informed choice of the preferred solution. Since the system does not actually make a decision, a manager can employ it to arrive at a decision that is organizationally desirable and that will be support by other during the implementations stage. Decision implementations may also be facilitating by the continuing use of the model to track process and provide visibility to the model to track progress and provide visibility to the effort.

6.    Promote High Quality Decisions Making: By encouraging decision based on the integration of available information and human judgments. DSS give decision maker a degree of confidence in the decisions unavailable to the decision maker who is wholly depended on his/her judgment.

7.    Offer Flexibility: DSS can make easy to accommodate the particular decision making style of an individual. However, some systems are more restrictive then others. Thy may lack certain models or impose a certain sequence of operations and thus, constrain the user’s decision making. Restrictive system may be simpler to use and may promote prescribed decision making patterns.

8.    Facilitate the Implementation OF Decision: Which frequently cut across departmental boundaries. by creating and exercising common models. Decision makers in the involved organizational units develop common facilities in implementation of decision making.

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