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Characteristics of coding

Following are the characteristics of coding:

1.    Simplicity: A code should be easy to understand. Simplicity implies clarity and understandability. Many inexperienced engineers actually take pride in writing an incomprehensive code. This should be avoided because it hampers the understanding.

2.    Readability: A programmer should write simple code, which is easily readable by the users. Following ways can be adopted to make a code readable.
•    Use of good identification, blank lines, and comments aid in reading sections of code.
•    Use identifiers that means something or are relevant to the values they represent.
•    Use of separate blocks of self contained code with spaces, comments and black lines.
•    Make good use of procedures and functions to modularize program.
3.    Good Documentation: Good documentation enhances understandability and maintainability of software product.

It includes appropriate module header, comments, meaningful variable names. Software documentation can be classified into two types:

1.    Internal documentation
2.    External documentation

4. Transportability: To increase productivity and usability, a program should be easy to transport to different environments and computers. A good style of programming is to isolate all machine dependent areas of code and label them as such.

5. Usability: The user should be persistent with a consistent, easily understandable, and a friendly interface. Use error recovery techniques that help the user. Also make certain that your error messages are consistent and helpful. Also, the prompts that are being used in a program must be consistent and should include all needed information for the user.

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