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Component of Transaction Processing

This TP model consists of four components:

1.    Application Programs

Application components are clients for the transactional resources. These are the programs with which the application developer implements business transactions. It has following responsibilities:

•    Create and demarcate transactions
•    Propagate transaction context
•    Operate on data via resource managers

2.    Resource Managers

A resource manager is a component that manages persistent and stable data storage system, and participates in the two phase commit and recovery protocols with the transaction managers. It has following responsibilities:

•    Enlist resources with the transaction manager
•    Participate in two-phase commit and recovery protocol

3.    Transaction Managers

The transaction managers is the core component of a transaction processing environment. Its primary responsibilities are to create transactions when requested by application components, allow resource enlistment and enlistment, and to conduct the two-phase commit or recovery protocol with the resource managers. It has following responsibilities:

•    Establish and maintain transaction context
•    Maintain association between a transition and the participating resources.
•    Initiate and conduct two-phase commit and recovery protocol with the resource managers.
•    Make synchronization calls to the application components before beginning and after end of two-phase commit and recovery process

4.    Communication Resource Manager

It is used to facilitate interoperability between different transaction managers in different transaction processing domains

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