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Concept of MIS

The study and development of MIS required the following underlying concept:

1.    System concepts and Management Science: The nature of system and the concepts of control must be understood for development of good MIS. The system approach to problem solving and system design is qualitative guide. Management science represents a quantitative approach to business problems solving.

2.    Management in the Organization: One must be understand business organization, managers and organizational behavior. If they want to create a particulars MIS that will be accepted by managers and individual contributors. Rational system must be fitted to organizational needs or they will be rejected.

3.    Organization system, structure, process, and information flow: MIS are the part of management system and require data form functional and transactional systems.

4.    Data Information and Communication: The nature of data, information, and communication must be studied and related to human information processing. That is, the MIS is to be used by human in social context, not any machines.

5.    The Manager’s view of computer systems: Every manager today is required to have some computer literacy. We present a description of hardware, software, and telecommunications basics to that managers may as appropriate questions in evaluating MIS proposals. Issues of privacy and security as related to system are also important.

6.    Data Management: The total information store within a company may be viewed as its database. With vast qualities being stored in computer system components, problems of structuring the data for storage and retrieval become immense. When the MIS was directed primarily to preparing standardized periodic reports he retrieval problem was so great.

7.    Planning, controlling, and decision making with MIS: How can the MIS help managers perform their functions? The focus of decision-making support at all the levels of the organization.

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