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ERP Modules

Implementation of ERP system in the organization is for development of information system in the organization. Using these ERP systems engineering mythologies, where all the information system in the organization is covered a stage has reached where the systems are integrated for a still higher level information system output required by all the levels of management. The system developed a through integrated process is called ERP system or Enterprise Management System (EMS).

Information technology concept is based on the premise that providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time can make a major difference to the organization. The generic ERP package represents the commonly operated business model of the firms. As already said it is build with the function models like, finance, materials, marketing, sales, personal and their sub-modules. These modules are integrated to perform ensuring data and information consistency and concurrency. The seamless integration of the modules slows the user at any level to take a micro and macro view of the function and process view of the transaction across the function. The business organization model with modular and process view of enterprise.

ERP Modules

ERP software packages are available in different functional areas of management. All these functional areas of management are called modules or ERP modules. However, these modules are commonly named with the functions of management. Such as, finance, production, human resource, materials management, marketing management and so on. Let’s see the same of the major ERP modules and its software tools commonly popularized in this industry. Like;

1.    Production planning and control
2.    Materials management
3.    Quality management
4.    Marketing, sales and distribution
5.    Finance and accounting
6.    HR management/personnel management
7.    Inventory management, and
8.    Manufacturing

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