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Fault Removal

Fault removal begins at the first opportunity that fault injected into the product are discovered. At that design phase, requirements phase products are passed tot eh design team. This is the firsts opportunity to discover faults in the requirements models and specifications. Fault removal extends into implementation and through installation. For a product being developed for use by an internal client, such as a new human resources system or an electronic commerce Web page, the installation may be just one point in time. For commercial products, the installation occurs every time a new purchaser time. For commercial products he installation occurs every time a new purchaser breaks the shrink-wrap and beings the installation process on their personal computer or company server. The project and product manger must be aware of the temporal nature of the installation phase and gauge their reliability efforts accordingly.

The first portion of fault removal is design and implementation, as described previously in the section on fault prevention. The second portion, installation begins with work that should have been done during the requirements phase. Realistically, project manager do not need an operational profile defined until there is a partially functioning system to pirate. This can be done earlier int eh product development life cycle through the use of prototypes.

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