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Internet And Business

Business and communication is interrelated and interwoven each other. An effective communication system in the organization referred as like as brain and nerves system of human being. The developing telecommunications, cyber technologies, the usages of electronic information exchange in all strategies business application are become easy. The internet, internet and extranets support the global communication collaboration among employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. Illustrated how the company uses the internet. Having of the internet based business actives the following benefits can applied to the organizations.

Internet and Business Web

•    To identify reliable sources of data and information for organizational growth.
•    To have collaborate with others such as shareholders, stakeholders and so on.
•    To provide vendors support with and communication in procurements of materials
•    To have information abuts the potential competitors and their benchmark practices.
•    To have internal communication among the managers and employees.
•    To provide and have customers services and support.
•    To make purchase orders and follow-up with the suppliers.
•    To sell the products and services to the target customers.

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