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Internet and ERP Integration

Implementation requirements of integrating the Internet and ERP systems in terms of technology, processes, people and environmental factors are as follows:

(a)    Technical support and knowledge systems should be flexible, scalable and implementations partners are required tot have in-depth system knowledge.

(b)    Supplier partnerships requires suppliers to share the risks of the integration project tend put in place reasonable license agreements;

(c)    Organizational infrastructure in terms of databases, communications networks and security standards should operate at optimal level to meet integration project needs. The speed of communication over the internet or bandwidth is the main area of concern and need be improved;

(d)    Cost implications which includes, initial ERP system purchase pice, consulting fees and maintenance costs need to be managed;

(e)    Implications support requires skilled resources to be used to support te implementation of an integration project;

(f)    Change control for site specific configurations for an integration project should be managed in terms of system development life cycle;

(g)    Product support was analyzed in terms of suppliers committing to supporting their projects in order to meet customer requirements as far as enhancements are concerned.

(h)    Process design and ownership should be managed from within the organization undertaking an integration project;

(i)    Executive sponsorship should be part of the system inquiry plan and executives should take an active role throughout the phases of an integration project;

(j)    Change management should form part of an integration project in order to deal with people issues throughout the project;

(k)    User participation ensures buy-in, therefore user should be involved at the right level in order to achieve the objectives of an integration;

(l)    Knowledge transfer required that internal resources be part of a n integration project in order to ensure that knowledge to carry on the project remains within the organization.

If integration of the Internet was to succeed from a people perspective there should be:

•    sufficient executive involvement in the integration project;

•    change management interventions in terms of communicating the process;

•    user involvement at right levels should be encouraged;

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