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Management Information System

The term Management Information System (MIS) can be misleading, as it does not accurately communicate then nature of the subject. After observing various definitions of the pioneer of the subject, it is identified that the subject of MIS is broader than the words management information system imply. This subject not only includes managers, database administrations. Despite, the organizational structure, design of the organization, span of controls communications flow etc. are also the part of management information system as well. Therefore, it is understood as an Organizational Information S3ystem (OIS), however, the term management information system has become establishe3d and accepted. Let us refer some of the major definition to cle3afy the meaning and nature of MIS.

Definition. MIS is defined as “The effective design deliver, and the use of information system in organization”

Definition. “An information system is effective if it helps to accomplish the goals of the people and the organizations that use it”.

Definition. MIS is bitterly termed as “the system that monitors and retrieves data from the environment, captures data from transactions and operations within the firm, filers, organizes and selects data and presents them as information to managers, and provides the means for managers to generate information desired”.

Definition. MIS is defined as “integrated man/machine system for providing information to support the operations management ad decision making functions of an organization. The system utilizes computers hardware2 and software, manual procedures, management and decision models and data base”.

Definition. Management Information System is a “an organized method of providing past, present and projected information relating to internal operations and external intelligence. it supports the planning, control and operational functions of an organization by furnishing uniform information in the proper time frame to assist the decision making process”.

1.    Management receives information from the system and used to making decisions in all planning, operating, controlling of the system.

2.    System for achieving company objectives.

3.    Information consisting of orderly selected data from internal and external, and used for the organization system progress.

4.    External and internal data gather through the data processing components for generation of information for decisions makings.

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