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Management of User Needs

The staring point of any system is to understand what are the issues on hand and therefore what needs to be done. Quite often this task is not as simple as it may seem. In fact the same problems across different organization could be handled defiantly depending on various issuers like:
•    Organizational culture,
•    Resource constraints
•    Urgency of issues etc.

Therefore one could at this point concentrate on the following issues:

Background information of the Organization

Under this one must look at the organization on the basis of following points,
•    The performance of the organization over the years.
•    The guiding philosophy of organization.
•    Organizational objectives and goals.
•    It’s plans for the next few years.

Understanding the Current Issues to be Tackled

There must be clear understanding of the issues on hand and what are the management’s expectation. The new system would need to handle not only the problems with eh correct system, but also attempt to given some additional advantages and improvements over the current system.

Understanding the User Profile

A common mistake that propel generally make is to merely obtain the organizational chart and assume that they have understood all they need to know. This may prove to be a very expensive mistake. The reasons are two ways. firstly the expectations of each user group could be different as afar as the proposed system is concerned. Secondly the profiles of each of these user groups would be vastly different as far as capabilities and exposure to technology is concerned. Generally, the people who operative system are people in the clerical department. Most organizational charts do not give information pertaining them. It is important to get an idea of the quality of manpower resources available.

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