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Managers of software development team are under high pressure to maintain budgets, keep schedules and improve quality. Due to this high pressure some times managers often believe in a software myth, as it would lessen the pressure.

Managers have a book that is full of standards and procedures for building a software, that would provide his people with everything they need to know.

The book of standards and procedures may very well exist and it may not be sufficient to provide answers to all the questions that my arise during the software development. The following are the questions that may arise.

•    Are software practitioners aware of its existence?
•    Does it reflect modern software engineering practice?
•    Is it complete?
•    It is adaptable?

Addition of more software engineers will make up the delay.

By adding more software engineering during eh project, we may further delay the project. However, as new people are added, people who were working must spend time education the new comers, thereby reducing the amount of time spent on productive development effort. People can be added to an existing software development team but only in a planned and well-coordinated manner.

Manager may think that if he outsources the software project to a third party, then his burden may get reduce.

If an organization does not understand how to manage and control software projects internally, it will become a struggle when it outsources software projects.

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