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Online Analysis And Processing

Definition. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a technology that is used to create decision support software. OLAP enables application users to quickly analyze information that ahs been summarized into multidimensional views and hierarchies.

By summarizing predicated queries into multidimensional views prior to run time, OLAP tools provide the benefit of increased performance over traditional database access tools. Most of the resource-intensive calculation hat is required to summarize the data is done before a query is submitted

On Line Analytical Processing, a series of protocols used mainly for business reporting. Using OLAP, business can analyze data in all manner of different ways, including budgeting, planning simulation, data warehouse reporting, and trend analysis. A main component of OLAP is its ability to make multidimensional calculations, allowing a wide and lightning-fast array of possibilities. In addition, the bigger the business, the bigger its business reporting needs. Multidimensional calculations enable a large business to complete in seconds what it otherwise would have waited a handful of minutes to receive.

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