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Private Data Network

A communications network that is used by one organization or an industry group. It may be deployed as private lines leased from common carriers and entirely architected by the network owner, or it may be a virtual private network (VPN) either over the Internet or one that was provisioned within a carrier’s network. Contrast with public date network.

Communications infrastructure has become as critical to the 21st century as an enabler of commerce as the railways and interstate highways were in the previous century. New private data networks are keeping businesses connected in ways previously though unimaginable.

Internet Protocol (IP) networks are now the transport routes for local, national and global commerce delivery and a platform for growth and innovation for many companies that are either split across different sites or have mobile working practices.

Private IP networks-so called because they use protocols developed for the internet to carry data-are private networks that all internal data travels o between offices and sites in the business. They are inherently more secure than internet-based networks, and because the network provider can manage the network end to end, offer much greater performance and performance management options than the internet, which is of course an “unmanaged” environment.

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