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Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis is the activity during which the requirements gathered during elicitation are analyzed for conflicts ambiguities, inconsistencies, missing requirements or extra requirements. The requirements engineer must reconcile these conflicts through a process of negotiation. Customers, users are asked to rank requirement and then discuss conflicts in priority. Risks associated with each requirement are identified and analyzed.

Rough estimates of development effort are made and used to assess the impact of each requirement on project cost and delivery time. Using an interactive approach requirements are eliminated, and/or modified so that each party achieves some measure of satisfaction. Even experienced analyst takes considerable time to understand the exact requirements of the customer. They know that without a clear understanding of the problem, it is almost impossible to develop a satisfactory solution. Therefore following questions should be made understandable by the analyst:

1.    What is the problem?
2.    What is it important to solve the problem?
3.    What are the possible solutions to the problem?
4.    What exactly are the data inputs to the system and what exactly are the data outputs by the system?
5.    What are likely complexities that might aeries while solving the problem?

Once the analyst understands the above basic questions, he sets out to collect more detailed information regarding the project. After the analyst has collected all the required information regarding the system to be developed and the structures are built, then the system part has to be specified.

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