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Software Application

Software may be applied in any situation for which a prespecified set of procedural steps has been defined. Information content and determinacy are important factor in determining the nature of a software application. Content refers to the meaning and form of incoming and outgoing information. For example many business application use highly structural input data and produce formatted “reports”. Information Determinacy refers to the predictability of the order and timing of information. An engineering analysis program accepts data that have a predefined order executes the analysis algorithm(s) without interruption and produces result data in report or graphical format.

Software application can be categorized as following:

1.    System Software
System software is a collection of program written to service other program. Examples:
•    Compilers
•    Editors
•    File Management Utilities
•    Operating system components
•    Drivers
•    Telecommunication processors.

2.    Real Time Software
Software that monitors/analyzes/controls real-world events as they occur is called Real Time Software. Real time software includes a data gathering component that collects and formats information from an external environment, an analysis component that transforms information as required by the application, or control/output component that responds to the external environment and a monitoring component that coordinates all other components so that real time response can be maintained.

3.    Business Software
Application in this area means restructure existing data in a way that facilitates business operations or manages decision making. For example
•    Payroll
•    Accounts receivable/payable
•    Inventory
•    Management information system
•    Interactive computing
•    Point to sale transaction processing

4.    Engineering and Scientific Software
It is characterized by number counting algorithms. Its application range includes:
•    Autonomy
•    Volcanology
•    Automotive manufacturing
•    Space shutter orbital
•    Automated mount activity
•    Computer aided design
•    System simulation.

5.    Embedded Software
Embedded software resides in read-only-memory and is used to control products and systems for the consumer and industrial markets.

6.    Personal Computer Software
Software which is used by one person at a time is called personal computer software.

This area includes
•    Word processing
•    Spread sheets
•    Computer graphics
•    Multimedia
•    Entertainment
•    Database management
•    External network
•    Personal and business financial applications.

7.    Web Based Software
Software which are used on the web area called web based software.

8.    Artificial Intelligence Software
AI software make use of non-numerical algorithms to solve complex problems that are not easy to compute or straight forward analyzed. Examples:
•    Expert systems
•    Pattern recognition
•    Artificial neural networks
•    Theorem proving
•    GAME playing.

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