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Software RE-Engineering

The principles of re-engineering when applied to software development process, is called software re-engineering. It affects positively at software cost, quality, service to the customer and speed of delivery. Software, whether product or system, deals with business processes making them faster, smarter and automatic in response for delivery business process making them faster, smarter and automatic in response for delivery and execution. In BPR, we are changing the process; in software re-engineering we are improving the software to make it efficient and effective, so that there is improvement in associated attributes such as quality, reliability, performance, robustness and usability. There is a need of continuous improvement in a continuously changing business and application environment.

Need for Software RE-Engineering

Software once developed and accepted by the customer and users, becomes ineffective over a period due to changes in business environment. The changes could be new process definition, new rules, new strategies and so on. The changes could be due to new users and their changed requirement arising out of changed needs. Such software over a period needs a re-look through re-engineering to make it more current in the application. Software re-engineering arrests the software from becoming unmentionable.

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