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Software Reliability Terminology

In context with software reliability, following terms are commonly used

•    Error      - Error is defined as a human action that results into an incorrect result. It is a
                    problem found in current phases.

•    Defect    - Defect is a problem which is found in a phase other than where it was introduced.

•    Fault      -  A faulty is defined as a defect in the program, that when excited under particular
                     conditions causes a failure.

•    Failure    - Departure of program operation from its requirements is called failure. Failure is dynamic
                     in nature.

•    Fault-Tolerant - Fault tolerant is the property of the system to defend against certain faults and keep

•    Execution time   - The exaction time of a program is the actual processor time used for executing
                                the program.

•    Calendar time  - It is the time which we normally experience/

•    Robustness    - It is the property of a system which shows its tolerance to bad inputs.

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