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Software Requirements Specification

The output of requirement engineering process is Requirement Specification Document (RSD) also called as Software Requirements Specification (SRS). It can be considered as a contract between the development team and the customer, which can also be used to resolve any disagreements which may arise in the future. Once the customer agrees to the SRS document, the development team proceeds to develop the product conforming to all the requirements mentioned in the SRS document.

The SRS is a specification for a particular software product, program or set of programs that performs certain functions in a specific environment. It serves a number of proposes depending upon who is writing it. First, the SRS could be written by the customer of a system. Second, the SRS could be written by a developer of the system. The two scenarios create entirely different situations and establish entirely different purpose for the document. First case, SRS is used to define the needs and expectations of the users. The second case, SRS is written for different purpose and serve as a contract document between customer and developer.

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