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SRS Document

An SRS document should clearly document the following:

•    Functional requirements of the system.
•    Non-functional requirement of the system.
•    Constraints on the system.

Functional Requirements of the System

The functional requirements are the services which the end user expect the final product tow provide. The functional requirements of the system should clearly describe each of the functions that the system needs to perform along with the corresponding input and output data set.

Non-functional Requirements of the System

Non-functional requirements deal with eh characteristics of the system that cannot be expressed functionally. These are the constraints imposed on the system and deal with issues like maintainability, security, performance etc. The non-functional requirements also includes reliability issues, accuracy of results, human-computer interface issues, operating and physical constraints etc.

Constraints on the System

The constraints on the functions of a system may contain desirable things that the system should or should not do. A constraint can be classified as follows:
•    Interface constraints
•    Performance constraints: response time, security, reliability storage space etc.
•    Operating constraints.
•    Life cycle constraints: maintainability, reusability, portability, flexibility etc.
•    Economic constraints.

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