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Stages of Software Testing Process

The following are the stages in testing process:

Unit Testing: The unit test is the process of taking a program module and running it in isolation from the rest of the software product by using prepared inputs and comparing the actual results with the results predicted by the specifications and design of the module.

Sub-system Testing: The sub-system test focuses on testing the interfaces and interdependencies of subsystems or modules. The most common problems which aeries in large software systems are interface mismatches. The subsystem test process should concentrate on the detection of module interface errors by rigorously exercising these interfaces.

System Testing: The system test tests all the sub-systems as a whole to determine whether specified functionality is performed correctly as the results of the software. This process is also concerned with finding errors that result from unanticipated interactions between sub-systems and sub-system interface problems.

Accepting Testing: The final stage in the process of testing is acceptance testing, after which a system is accepted for operational use. In this, system acceptance tests are performed against the requirements. The system is tested with data supplied by the customer rather than the simulated test data. In other words, testing during this phase determines whether all requirement shave been satisfied and is performed in accordance with the reviewed software verification and validation plan.

The unit test is the responsibility of programmers while later stages of testing may be done by an independent testing group. Programmers make up their own test data and incrementally test the code as it is developed. Unit testing is a part of the implementation process and it is expected that a component conforming to its specification will be delivered as part of that process.

Testing phases in software process

Later stages of testing involve integration work from a number of programmers and must be planned in advance. In independent team of testers should work from pre-formulated test plans which are developed form the system specification and design. illustrates how test plans are linked between testing and development activities.

The acceptance acts as a validation of the testing phase, and is sometimes called alpha testing. The alpha testing process continues until the system developer and that client agree that the delivered system is acceptable implementation of the system requirements.

When a system is to be marketed as a software product, a testing process called beta testing is often used. The beta test is to install the product in a user environment and allows the user to test the product where customers often lead the test and define and develop the test cases. Customers report problems to the system developers. This exposes the product to the real-world environment. After this feedback, the system is then modified and released either for further beta testing or for general sale.

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