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Stress Testing

Stress testing is also known as endurance testing. Stress tests are black-box tests which are designed to impose a rage of abnormal and even illegal input conditions so as to stress the capabilities of the software. Input data volume, input data rate, processing time, utilization of memory, etc. are tested beyond the designed capacity. For example, suppose an operating system is designed to support 15 multiprogrammed jobs’ the system is designed by attempting to run 15 or more jobs simultaneously. A real-time system might be tested to determine the effect of simultaneous arrival of several high-priority interrupts. Stress testing usually involves an element of time or size, such as the number of records transferred per unit time, the maximum number of users active ay any time, input data size etc. Therefore stress testing may not be applicable to many types of systems.

Acceptance Testing

After the system testing is completed successfully by the developers, acceptance testing done at the customer end. It is the customer or end user who now designs the test cases. Acceptance testing is performed with realistic data of the client to demonstrate that the software is working satisfactorily. In this type of testing emphasis is on usability testing of the product. Acceptance testing is supported through Alfa and Beta testing. Alpha testing is done when the software is made operational for the first time to be tested by users at developers site. Hence it is possible that it will involve making a lot of changes to program code. developers site. Hence it is possible that it will involve making a lot of changes to program code.

Beta testing follows alpha testing, in this the testing is done by the user’s at the customers site who validate the product after using it for a few days. At this stages few changes as compared to alpha testing would be made to the product.

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