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Managerial Economics Assignment Homework help

Managerial economics is defined as consisting the use of economic mode of thought to analyze business situations. Managerial Economics had its beginning in the early part of 1950’s. It has progressively displaced the term business economics. It refers to the firm’s decision-making process.
Managerial economics is more of an “Applied economics” used in decision making. It bridges the gap between economics theory and managerial practices. It emphasizes the use of economic analysis in clarifying problems, in organizing and evaluation information and comparing alternative courses of action. It also provides application in managing non-profit organizations and public sector undertakings. To some Managerial economics is applied economics plus the application of economic theory and methodology to business administration practices. It uses the tools and techniques of economic analysis to solve business problems. It provides the link between traditional economics and the managerial decision making.

Managerial economics has a wide scope and covers the following :-

  1. Demand analysis and Forecasting
  2. Production and cost analysis
  3. Principle powers in different market conditions
  4. National income analysis
  5. Profit management
  6. Capital management
  7. Business cycles (Economic fluctuations) etc

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We offer Managerial Economics Assignment Homework help in following areas of Managerial Economics:  

  • Introduction to Managerial Economics
  • Role of Managerial Economics in Decision Making
  • Opportunity cost Principle
  • Production Possibility Curve
  • Incremental Concept
  • Cardinal and Ordinal Approaches to Consumer Behaviour
  • Equi-Marginal Principle
  • Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
  • Indifference Curve Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Demand Function
  • Determinants of Demand
  • Elasticity of Demand
  • Demand Estimation and Forecasting
  • Production Function
  • Short Run and Long Run Production Analysis
  • Isoquants
  • Theory of Cost and Market Structures
  • Economies of Scale and Economies of Scope
  • Revenue curves
  • Price-Output decisions under Perfect Competition
  • Monopoly
  • Monopolistic Competition
  • Oligopoly
  • Strategic Behaviour of Firms
  • Game Theory
  • Nash Equilibrium
  • Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • Price and Non-price Competition

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