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Alternating Current (A.C.) Dynamo (Generator)

Principle. An induced emf is produced in a conductor whenever there is a change in the magnetic flux linked with it. It is a device which converts mechanical kinetic energy of rotation into electrical energy.

It consists of a rectangular coil of wire ABCD wound on a soft iron core. It is mounted on a shaft between the poles of a powerful magnet. It can be rotated about an axis perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic lines of force. The ends of the coils are connected to two mental rings R1 and R2 which rotate with the coil. Contact is maintained with the external circuit by means of two carbon brushes B1 and B2 which touch the rings.

As the shaft rotates magnetic flux through the coil changes. It produces an induced e.m.f in the coil which has an alternating.

Theory. It has already been shown that the emf at any instant is E = E0 sin ωt = BAN ω sin ωt.
The generator described is a single phase generator.
Alternating Current Dynamo

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