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De Sauty’s Bridge

This is a simple method for comparing two capacitances. C1 and C2 are the two capacitances to be compared. R1 and R2 are variable, non-inductive resistances. Audio frequency oscillator is connected between A and C, and headphone between B and D.

When the bridge is balanced,
    Z1/Z2 = Z3/Z4 or Z1/Z3 = Z2/Z4

Here, Z1 = R1; Z2 = 1/jωC, Z3 = = R2, Z4 = 1/jωC2

. : R1/R2 = 1/jωC1 / 1/jωC        or    C2/C1 = R1/R2

. : C2 = C1R1/R2                                            … (1)

If C1 is known, C2 can be calculated.

Eq. (1) is the only equations to be satisfied at balance. Hence R1 and R, are suitably varied until the sound in the headphone is inaudible.

De Sauty Bridge

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