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Explanation of Para magnetism

In paramagnetic materials, the magnetic fields associated with the orbiting and spinning electrons do not cancel out. There is a net intrinsic moment in it. The molecules in it behave like little magnets. When such a substance is placed in an external magnetic field, it will turn and line up with its axis parallel to the external field. Thus it tends to move further into the field. i.e., there is force of attraction. The diamagnetic force of repulsion is also present, but it is not so strong as the attracting force arising from the magnetic properties of the material. Since M and B (and hence H) are in the same direction in paramagnetics, the susceptibility χm is positive. When a paramagnetic substance is heated, the thermal agitation of its atoms increase. So the alignment of the dipoles becomes more difficult. This is why the magnetization of paramagnetic substances decreases as the temperature of the substance increases. Χm ∞ 1/T.

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