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Geomagnetic Prspecting

(i)    Detection of oil and iron. The area where the dip needle is suddenly affected shows the presence of iron ore. But, usually certain other minerals and oils are found along with strongly magnetic deposits. The gold and platinum mines have been detected by these methods because these precious metals are also associated with iron. Oil is also detected because it is always found in dome-like structure and is associated with magnetite. Magnetic exploration involves detecting the location, size and shape of such bodies from the variations in the earth’s field.
(ii)    Detection of volcanoes. Extremely sensitive instruments can find the difference between one kind of rock and another. By fixing a magnetometer behind a ship, an oceanographer can identify the kinds of rocks in the sea. Volcanoes are more magnetic as compared to rocks or soil and the dip needle is suddenly affected. Thus volcanoes are detected in the sea.

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