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Magnetic Shell

A magnetic shell is a thin sheet of magnetic material of uniform thickness magnetized at every point in a direction perpendicular to the surface of sheet. It may be of any shape (plane, circular or curved). One face of the sheet exhibits north polarity and the other face exhibits south polarity. The magnetic shell may be considered as a polar sheet consisting of a large number of short magnetic or magnetic dipoles close to each other with their axes perpendicular to the face of the shell. The length of each magnetic dipole is the thickness of the shell. If the distribution of the magnetic dipoles over the surface of the shell is uniform, the shell is said to be uniform magnetic shell.

Strength of the Magnetic Shell (Φ)

The strength of the magnetic shell is defined as its magnetic dipole moment per unit area.
            Φ = m/A
The strength of magnetic shell at any point of the shell may also be defined as the product of its magnetization (M) and the thickness of the shell (t) at that point.

Magnetization of the shell is defined as its magnetic moment per unit volume
        M = m/V
Also volume of the shell V = At where A is the face area of the shell.
    . :    M = m/V = m/At = Φ/t
Or        Φ = Mt

Magnetic Shell

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