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Choice of Wiring

The following factors should be considered before selecting a particular type of wiring:

(i)    Safety: The first and foremost consideration is safety to a person using electricity against leakage or shock. Where there is a possibility of fire hazard, conduit wiring is used.

(ii)    Mechanical Protection: The wiring must be protected from mechanical damage during use.

(iii)    Permanency: The wiring must not deteriorate unduly by action of weather, fumes, dampness etc.

(iv)    Appearance: The wiring should be good looking.

(v)    Durability: The wiring must be durable.

(vi)    Accessibility: In wiring system there should be facilities for extension, renewal or alterations.

(vii)    Initial Cost: The wiring selected should suit the pocket of the owner of the building.

(viii)    Maintenance Cost: The wiring should have as far as possible the lowest maintenance cost.

The other factors, in addition to above, to be kept in view while making the choice of wiring are load voltage to be employed, type of building etc.

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